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Sanming International Chamber of Commerce Supervisory Board Corporate profile

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Fujian Changtian Ecological Agriculture Development Co., LTD

     Fujian Changtian Eco-Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned investment of Hong Kong Good Family Co., LTD., after the establishment of Jincheng (Sanming) Light Industry Co., Ltd. in 1995 in Fujian Sanming, the second foreign-funded self-operated import and export production enterprise invested in 2014, with a registered capital of 15.8 million yuan。
   Changtian Company is committed to ecological agriculture seed cultivation, development, production and sales of green food, drinks, health products, animal husbandry and aquatic products;Eco-agricultural leisure tour and eco-nursing。
   Changtian Company has now invested more than 6 million yuan in Sanming City Sanyuan District set up bamboo shoot products production base。The annual production capacity is 18L boiled bamboo shoots 200,000 cans, fine processing boiled bamboo shoots, rehydrated dried bamboo shoots, pickled bamboo shoots, instant bamboo shoots products 2,000 tons。Developed bamboo sauce, bamboo lunch meat, bamboo meat sausage。

Sanming Youte Education Consulting Co., LTD

    Sanming Youte Education Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in May 2018, relying on the brand "Duote Children's Focus", is an educational authority committed to improving children's focus。"Dot Children's Focus" is an educational demonstration base of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is a shareholder of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the West China Institute of Science。For children 4-12 years old,Through sensory integration training, concentration training, neural resource regulation training (NCRC), fine coordination training, outward development training, parents' school and other quality programs,Use highly tailored courses,Full training dynamic adjustment,Scientifically and efficiently promote the comprehensive and coordinated development of children's body, mind and brain。

Yongan city Yadu hotel introduction

Yong 'an Yadu Hotel was founded in 2006. In 2008, it invested 16 million yuan to build a chain Yadu Hotel in Taining County。The hotel always adhere to the customer first service business philosophy, pay attention to the hotel corporate culture construction, is a pursuit of personality and characteristics of the cultural theme hotel。The hotel lobby, corridors and guest rooms are decorated with famous calligraphy and painting, rich in cultural atmosphere, and have a unique cultural charm。Yadu Hotel attaches great importance to staff skills training and service awareness education, has received nearly one million customers at home and abroad in more than 10 years, and has been rated as an advanced unit by the relevant departments of Yongan City government for many times。

Introduction of Sanming Port Logistics Development Co., LTD

    Sanming Port Logistics Development Co., Ltd. was established in January 2011, jointly funded by Xiamen Port Development Co., Ltd. and Fujian Sanming Ecological Industry and Trade Zone Ecological New City Group Co., LTD., with a registered capital of 135 million yuan。It is located in Jinquan Road, Haixi modern Logistics Industrial Development Zone, Sha County, Sanming, Fujian,Mainly engaged in Sanming land port construction and management;International and domestic freight forwarding, sea-rail combined transport;Warehousing services;Packaging and processing;Logistics distribution;Logistics information consulting service;Container handling;Import and export LCL service;Storage and maintenance of empty containers;Reefer inspection;Special container transport;Customs declaration, inspection and sales of imported goods。