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Clean Government culture | The Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision issued opinions and guiding cases on regulating the behavior of government and business exchanges Fujian Discipline Inspection and Supervision

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为深入贯彻习近平总书记关于构建亲清政商关系的重要论述,Implement the deployment of Fujian Provincial Party Committee on implementing the strategy of a strong province with private economy in the new era,近日,With the consent of the provincial Committee,Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued the Opinions on Standardizing the Behavior of Government and Business Exchanges and Promoting the Comprehensive Construction of Pro-Clean Government and Business Relations (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions),And publish guidance cases,Further clarify the boundary and bottom line of government and business exchanges,Promote to achieve affinity and degree, clear and promising,Foster a sound political environment and business environment。

Based on functions and responsibilities, the Supervision committee of the Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection extensively collects specific situations that are difficult to grasp in political and business exchanges through field visits, commissioned investigations, questionnaires, etc., and develops Opinions and guiding cases for targeted research。The "Opinions" focus on clarifying the principle attitude,We will guide public officials, especially leading cadres, to have frank and sincere contacts with private entrepreneurs,Take the initiative, forward service,Be strict with yourself and keep the bottom line;The guide case focuses on clarifying blurred lines,In view of the problems of "not able to grasp the boundary and not dare to kiss" in the exchanges between government and business,Based on rich scenarios collected by research,Focus on government services, business activities, bidding and procurement, dining vehicles, friendship and other five categories of 20 high-frequency scenarios,Clarify "what can be done", "how to do" and "what cannot be done",Let officials eliminate their concerns and dare to be friendly,From the "want to do things afraid of making mistakes", "want to serve afraid of being misunderstood" from the confusion。

"Opinions" pointed out

Work style should be improved,We will encourage public officials, especially leading officials, to promote pro-business practices,Unswervingly implement the "Two Unwavering",Innovation and development of "Jinjiang Experience",Equal treatment of enterprises of all types of ownership;Promote diligence and responsibility,In the administrative examination and approval, policy support, factor guarantee and other aspects of active,Good at empathy, empathy,No official language, pushing and dragging;Carry forward the spirit of honoring the real and avoiding the empty,"Call for service,Leave nothing to chance",Do more practical work to help people in need,Avoid unnecessary inspection, supervision and assessment;Carry forward the spirit of daring to do good deeds,We will intensify efforts to address the pain points of enterprises and problems left over from history,Dare to make decisions, dare to take responsibility, dare to be responsible;We will uphold the spirit of keeping promises,Insist that "new officials should settle old debts" and "do what you say.",Take the lead in honesty and keeping the contract,Promoting Qing and promising has become a trend。

The "Opinion" emphasizes

It is necessary to strictly enforce discipline rules, urge public officials, especially leading cadres, to always pursue the realm of the high line, adhere to the bottom line of discipline and law, achieve pure communication, public heart for enterprises, pro not exceeding the moment, public servants, clean use of power "five adhere", and promote pro and degree to become conscious。Highlight strict management and love, earnestly implement the "three distinctions", use a good fault tolerance and correction mechanism, clarify the name of the cadres who are falsely reported in a timely manner, seriously investigate and deal with the fabricating of facts and deliberately false accusations, never let the cadres "sweat" and "cry", and clearly support the cadres who dare to pro true Qing。Strengthen the implementation of responsibility,The establishment of a friendly and clean relationship between government and business will be included in key contents such as supervision, inspection and inspection,Urge the Party Committee (Party group) to shoulder the main responsibility,Compacting regulatory responsibilities of functional departments,We will deepen efforts to address problems that undermine the business environment,We will resolutely correct problems related to enterprises such as lazy and idle administration, obstruction in handling affairs, failure to take responsibility and inaction,Seriously investigate and punish violations of discipline and law such as taking cards, using power for personal gain, and transferring benefits,We will ensure that the establishment of a friendly and clean relationship between government and business is fully implemented。

There are a total of 20 guiding cases, which are explained in the framework of "communication situation" and "Discipline law analysis" respectively, providing concrete guidance for standardizing communication behaviors。In the "communication situation", the practical confusion of common concern is integrated into the case plot;In the "discipline analysis", evaluate whether the behavior is appropriate, and expand, clarify the proper way and matters for attention。比如,In pre-certification guidance, networking activities, talent recommendation, government procurement and other cases,Encourage the exploration of ways and means to optimize service enterprises,Make a positive evaluation on the proper performance of duties,Reiterating disciplinary requirements for conduct detrimental to the integrity of office and the image of public officials;In cases such as bailout money loans,Have fulfilled their duties and not sought personal gain,Failing to achieve the desired goal due to unforeseeable factors,Deemed to be a due diligence exemption;In helping enterprises "double recruitment and double introduction", participating in open business activities, daily dining vehicles and other cases,Guide cadres to consider whether their actions are necessary from the aspects of their own duties, regulations of discipline and laws, and effects,And pay attention to master the performance standards and procedures。Guiding cases can not exhaust the practical problems, aimed at helping cadres correctly grasp the concept and method, in the free hand to serve enterprises at the same time, know the law, clear boundaries, keep the bottom line, and jointly create a first-class business environment to support the development of private economy。

Source: Fujian Discipline Inspection and Supervision